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Culinary Arts

Middlesex County Vocational School

In culinary you are required to wear closed toe shoes everyday. We will provided you with hat, apron, and once you are accepted you will receive checkered pant, a chef jacket ,and cuilnary shoes

What yout will need:

All you are required to bring with you to cuilnary is  something to write with and a notebook or 3 ring binder to write down the quote and to do your assignments in.


Make sure you are on time everyday. Clock in once you walk in and remeber to clock out when you leave


Welcome to 

Culinary Arts 

You must be wondering out of all the people trying to get into culinary arts why would Moir pick me? Believe me as a freshman we all thought the same thing . If you really want to get into culinary show it. Whether your  task is to cook or answer  a couple of questions for homework do it on time. This shows you are responible and can manage your time wisely. Moir sees everything you do so dont think the little things go unnoticed.




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